Alan Blavins - Artist
Alan Blavins is an artist based in the San Francisco Area available for commission work.
Alan Blavins, Artist, Pencil, San Francisco, Art, Commission
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Alan Blavins – Artist

Alan Blavins ArtistOriginally from London, Alan Blavins completed his studies at the Camberwell School of Art. Born in London during the blitz. Alan’s claim to fame was being born under the kitchen table with his twin sister during a bombing raid.


After 40 years spent as a creative director for some of the largest advertising companies m the world (Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, New Zealand – Think Don Draper with an English accent). For the last 25 years Alan has resided in the Bay Area with his beloved wife and two annoying but equitably loveable dogs.


In the five years since his blessed retirement, Alan has been honing his graphic artist skills and now believe it as time to share those skills with you.

Pencil Portraits from Life

Drawings take an average of 2-3 hours

Full Figure and Nude Pencil Drawings

Drawings take an average of 2 hours

Pencil Studies from Photographs

Drawings take an average of 4 hours

Oil Paintings from Photographs

Drawings take an average of 1 week